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More than 9000 bristles


COLOCOLO BRUSH is comprised by stacking Robinson brush which is made of Nyylon bristles. : Robinson brush is commonly used by dentists for polishing after treatment and while dental thechnicians use for dental laboratory works especially for hard-to-reach areas by buff. By utilizing the characteristics of Robinson brush, more than 9,000 soft and rugged bristles which is about 8 times compare to regular manual toothbrush fits inter-dental spaces without force,and gently stimulating the gum line.

360 ° rotating roller head


COLOCOLO BRUSH presents with  with the world's first cutting-edge technology called "Personal Spin Disc Technology". The  brushed disc is ultrasonically welded with approximately 650 of nylon  bristles radially from the center  nearly 17.5 mm in diameter by the patent manufacturing method. A round brush  comprised of  fourteen stacking discs by moving on  the tooth surfaces  by rotating 360 degrees will enable to  peel off, adsorb, and remove dental plaque.

Easy-grip handle


With analysis on 17 items and research based on ergonomics, handle of universal designed is easy to grasp for any users . COLOCOLO BRUSH’s handle is made based on the outcome of research and design, which is gaining big effect by simple action like pencile grasping method and rolling it on the tooth surfices without force.

Technical patent


COLOCOLO BRUSH is the only toothbrush that has been developed and manufactured by acquiring basic patent in manufacturing method and manufacturing equipment at 360 ° brush. Please be careful with similar products.

Japanese Patent No. 3981290

Japanese Patent No. 4037653

Japanese Patent No. 4037739





Product weight: 12.5 g
Body size: H 17.5 cm W 1.4 cm D 2.5 cm

Color: Blue · Pink · Yellow · Green · Gray


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