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"Before  COLOCOLO BRUSH is born"

The birth of the COLOCOLO BRUSH

This is the story of the inventor Hideo Tomiyama when he was 20 years old.At this young age he was suffering from alveolar pyorrhea (Aggressive Periodontitis). Whenever he brushes teeth, gums start bleeding and tooth wiggled. He has done enough tooth care. He was also advised by the dentist to massage on the gums, therefore he carefully massage his gums with a toothbrush. However, he was unable to masticate even soft seaweed in miso soup. He has not eaten solid food for quite a long time.Tomiyama Hideo thought."It's enough" It did not means to give up the oral health care. Even brushing teeth, and gum massage properly, he does not get better results at all. He thought it is due to the unavaiabilty of a good toothbrush for him in the world. "OK! I do not depend on other people's product. I will make my own”.


Tomiyama Hideo's challenge began.


What kind of tooth brush shape is good? What kind of hair is suitable? How much force should be delivered? He became a guinea pig to experiment new brushes on himself.Tomiyama Hideo was not only a poor in oral health but also poor in giving up for find solution.It took 20 years to accomplish a prototype of "COLOCOLO BRUSH"stage . Now Hideo Tomiyama laughed to inform he tried hundreds of previous prototypes. The toothbrush which became the prototype of this "COLOCOLO BRUSH" is the one that enabled him to say good bye to alveolar pyorrhea for ever which he suffered for many years of his life. 

Give a challenge

After one week use of prototype he noticed big difference compared with the previous prototypes. He experienced that continuous use of brush reduced his alveolar pyorrhea conditions with better outcomes that allowed him to think, "There are many people who are suffering like me.I should manage to commercialize this "product" therefore, COLOCOLO Brush was born. And he continued to care with his developed toothbrush. Although he is now 68 years of age, but still has twenty teeth left,he can eat solid food and masticate effectively. The happiness of eating food whatever he likes became source of his vitality. the Hideo Tomiyama's challenge of life has not over yet.




¥1,900(tax in)

Product weight: 12.5 g
Body size: H 17.5 cm W 1.4 cm D 2.5 cm

Color: Blue · Pink · Yellow · Green · Gray


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