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Just roll it lightly


The COLOCOLO BRUSH has achieved an average plaque removal rate of 86% with only by 30 in and out movements. For every person it fits in any mouth shape with individual differences. So for anyone on teeth surface, teeth, gums, and even the tongue with a pencil holding style and lightly rolling it without putting strength, total Oral care is possible. Based on adjustment of dental occlusion which varies by each individuals,it will enable complete oral health care for the tooth surfaces, interdental spaces, gum lines, as well as tongue surfaces by rolling lightly with pencil grasp method.

※ Refrence from Japanese Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (JSOMS)

Gum Reattachment


Rotatory toothbrush polish the tooth at “point” level instead of surface level. Therefore,this toothbrush not only has higher ability to remove dental plaque but also promotes blood flow by relaxing gums by the principle of acupressure massage. Our product users experienced the gum reattachement following one week usage.

Promotes secretion of saliva


When brushing with the COLOCOLO BRUSH, the outerside of head will also brush inner cheek to promote the secretion of saliva in the mouth. Because it promotes saliva secretion, it has a bactericidal effect, it is effective for prevention of dental caries, periodontal diseases, and bad breath. Therefore securing a lot of saliva is very important for maintaining health of the body.

Clinical trials report


With repeated clinical trials, the COLOCOLO BRUSH has announced its effectiveness in the oral dental conference.





Product weight: 12.5 g

Body size: H 17.5 cm W 1.4 cm D 2.5 cm

Color: Blue · Pink · Yellow · Green · Gray


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